Curriculum vitae



Fellow, Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS), 1994-95, while on professional leave from OSU.

USIA Faculty Exchange Fellow to the University of Genoa, June 1990. Fulbright Fellowship to Italy, 1985-86. Fulbright Fellowship to Austria, 1968-69. PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES AND SERVICES:

Participant in the December 2001 "School for Scanning," a three-day workshop on the latest developments in scanning and digitization in theory and practice, organized by the Northeast Document Conservation Center. Its purpose was to enable managers and planners of digitization projects to make the best choices in today's technological environment.

Papers given at scholarly conferences (since 1995):

Resident musicologist and cultural history lecturer for the Robert Shaw Choral Institute / France (July 1992 and July 1994), a special summer workshop hosting a sixty-five-voice choir in Souillac, France.

Review Editor, Fontes Artis Musicae, the journal of the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres, 1988-92.

Guest faculty for the eleventh Aston Magna Academy in Music and the Humanities (Rutgers University, June 1993), on the topic "Schubert's World: Viennese Culture in the Reign of Francis I (1792-1835)." My topic was "Schubert Lieder with Guitar: A Reassessment."  A reformulation of this article for a cross-disciplinary monograph on forensic methodology has recently been published (Northwestern Univ. Press, 2002) as "Schubert Lieder with Guitar: Musicological Evidence and Inference."

General Editor (1992-95) of the College Music Society's CMS Reports, a monographic series published occasionally by the Society.

Member of the Graduate Faculty of the Ohio State University, 1980-2000 (Category P - Doctoral Adviser).

Member of the OSU Fulbright Committee.

Named to the Commission of Scholars for the "Classics in Context" Festival, sponsored by the Greater Louisville Fund forth Arts, 1990.  Participated in Teachers Institute and contributed an article to the festival monograph on "Comedy and Tragedy in the Italian Tradition."

Member, Music Library Association's Publications Awards Committee, 1987-89.  Chair of the Committee, 1989.

Service at the Ohio State University:

Invited lecturer in the fields of music printing, music history and bibliography, guitar history and literature, Italian comedy, and the iconography of the performing arts.  Recent invitations have been to:


FRENCH:    Nearly bilingual in spoken and written French.

ITALIAN:   Very fluent conversation;  I regularly correspond and lecture in Italian. GERMAN:   Read and understand well;  speak and write fairly well. DUTCH:    Read and understand fairly well; speak and write slowly. SPANISH:   Read and understand well;  speak and write adequately. LATIN:    Working background from High School.



(by category,  most recent first)

a. books & critical editions of music

Mauro Giuliani: a life for the guitar (GFA Refereed Monographs, 2) A major update of my 1995 monograph on Giuliani, cited below. Published as an e-book (Kindle, ePub) by the Guitar Foundation of America, 2013. ISBN: 978-0-9833602-1-6.

A Treatise on Acting, From Memory and by Improvisation (1699) by Andrea Perrucci. Dell'Arte rappresentativa, premeditata ed all'improviso. Bilingual Edition in English and Italian. Edited and Translated by Francesco Cotticelli, Anne Goodrich Heck, and Thomas F. Heck. Lanham & London: Scarecrow Press, 2007. ISBN: 0-8108-6033-3; ISBN-13: 978-0-8108-6033-9. 256 pages. Binding: paperback.
   Click here for a link to the publisher's Web site.

The Commedia dell'Arte in Naples:  A  Bilingual Edition of the 176 Casamarciano Scenarios. Transcribed by Francesco Cotticelli; Translated and Edited by Francesco Cotticelli, Anne Goodrich Heck, and Thomas F. Heck. Lanham & London: Scarecrow Press, 2001. ISBN 20-8108-4116-9. 1,168 pp.
    This book was honored in early 2001 with the Weiss-Brown Award, to subsidize the publication of a scholarly book or books on European civilization before 1700 in the areas of music, theater, cultural studies, or French or Italian literature. The award is administered by the Newberry Library.

   Click here for a link to the publisher's Web site.

Picturing Performance: The Iconography of the Performing Arts in Concept and Practice. Rochester, NY: Univ. of Rochester Press, 1999.  288 pp. ISBN 1-58046-044-5. Click here for a description of the book with excerpts from published reviews.

Mauro Giuliani: Virtuoso Guitarist and Composer. Columbus: Editions Orphée, 1995.  304 pp.  ISBN 0-936186-87-9. Sold out in July 1997; reissued in paperback (11/97). Sold out again. A revised and updated edition is in the works for 2012.

The 'Music Information Explosion' and its Implications for College Teachers and Students.  Edited and with contributions by Thomas F. Heck.  Missoula: College Music Society, 1992.  ix, 72 pp.  (CMS Reports 9)  Includes "Anything Goes? Issues in the Bibliographic Quality Control of Music Theses and Dissertations," co-authored with S. Ferguson and T. Cherubini.  See also my contribution "The Bibliographic Spectrum: A Chart of Options Available for Documenting One's Literature Review in a Term Paper, Thesis, or Dissertation."

Commedia dell'Arte: A Guide to the Primary and Secondary Literature. New York: Garland, 1988. xiv, 450 pp. (Garland Humanities Reference Series) Reprinted by iUniverse, by arrangement with The Authors Guild, 2000- .  ISBN: 0-595-00452-0. 468 pp. Click here for a link to this slightly revised reprint paperback edition, in full and legible  8.5 x 11" format for the first time. List price $34.94.

Schubert, Franz. Sixteen Songs with Guitar Accompaniment: A Selection of Lieder Published in Guitar Transcription During the Composer's Lifetime.  Newly edited for performance, with historical notes, by Thomas F. Heck. New York & London: Tecla Editions, 1980.  xi, 54 pp.

Giuliani, Mauro. Oeuvres choisies pour guitare. Edited by Thomas F. Heck. Paris: Heugel & Cie., 1973. 105 pp. (Le Pupitre, 46.) Urtext edition with trilingual preface and list of sources.

b. other monographs and music editions

Reversals: three poems by David Krieger set as a cycle of songs for voice and classic guitar/ Thomas F. Heck. Score and part. Clear Note Publications, ©2011.

Jazz Goes Classic: Jazz Favorites for Classic Guitar. Mel Bay and Warner Bros. Publications, 2002. ISBN 0-7866-6647-1. Ten of the seventeen arrangements in this anthology, including: All the Things You Are, April in Paris, Blue Moon, Days of Wine and Roses, Embraceable You, A Foggy Day, It Had To Be You, Someone to Watch Over Me, Summertime, and When I Fall in Love.

21 Duets for Violin and Guitar: Selections from the Suzuki Method, Books 1, 2 and 3.  Edited by Thomas F. Heck. Princeton: Summy-Birchard, 1989.

Guitar Music in the Archive of the Guitar Foundation of America and Cooperating Collections: A Computerized Catalog. Columbus, OH: Guitar Foundation of America, 1981.  v, 88 pp.

A Survey of Guitar Curricula in Colleges in the U.S. and Canada.  Commissioned by the Guitar Committee of ASTA (American String Teachers Association).  Cleveland: ASTA, 1975.  43 pp.

"The birth of the classic guitar and its cultivation in Vienna, reflected in the career and compositions of Mauro Giuliani (d.1829)." Ph.D. diss., Yale University, 1970.  529 pp. Published on demand (order no. 71-16249) by University Microfilms, Ann Arbor, MI.

c. articles and encyclopedia entries

"Esperienze di co-edizione Web alla Biblioteca Nazionale di Napoli: Il trattato Dell'Arte rappresentativa di Andrea Perrucci del 1699," in 'Da Napoli a Napoli' - Musica e musicologia senza confini. Contributi sul patrimonio musicale italiano presentati alla IAML Annual Conference, Napoli, 20-25 Luglio 2008, ed. by Mauro Amato, Cesare Corsi, Tiziana Grande. Lucca: Libreria Musicale Italiana, 2012 (p2014). pp. 47-59.

"Incidental Music in Commedia dell’arte Performances," in The Routledge Companion to COMMEDIA DELL'ARTE, edited by Oliver Crick and Judith Chaffee (Routledge, 2014).

"Guitarists in the balconies and rafters: the musical frescoes of Genoa’s Spinola palaces," Early Music, 42/1 (February 2014). Italian version: "Chitarristi sule balconate: gli affreschi musicali nei palazzi Spinola di Genova," il 'Fronimo' rivista di chitarra, no. 165 (Milano: Edizioni il Dialogo, Jan.-March 2014): 25-36.

"The vogue of the chitarra francese in Italy: How French? How Italian? How Neapolitan?" Soundboard, 38/4 (2012): 18-25. Italian version: "La chitarra francese in Italia. Quanto francese? Quanto italiana? Quanto napoletana?" il 'Fronimo' rivista di chitarra, no. 161 (Milano: Edizioni il Dialogo, Jan.-March 2013): 7-16.

"Some newly discovered letters of Mauro Giuliani: Welcome news from the Bavarian State Library and the Digitar Guitar Archive," Soundboard, 38/2 (2012): 13-30. Co-authored with Marco Riboni and Andreas Stevens.

"Expanding the GFA's online resources," Soundboard, 36/3 (2010): 34-35.

"Mauro Giuliani: una lettera perduta del 1827 ritornata alla luce," il 'Fronimo', no. 130 (Apr-June 2005): 12-21; in English, “Mauro Giuliani: A lost letter comes to light,” Soundboard, 31, no. 2/3 (2006): 31-38.

"A Relaxing way to hold the guitar: variation on a theme by Aguado?" in Soundboard, 30/3 (2005): 31-34. A more popular version of this article can be found on the "Guitar and Lute Issues" web site, entitled "A New ABC for Holding the Guitar: Aguado + Bassoonist strap = Comfort."

"Schubert Lieder with Guitar: Musicological Evidence and Inference," in Evidence and Inference in History and Law: Interdisciplinary Dialogues (Evanston: Northwestern Univ. Press, 2002). Click here to read more at the publisher's Web site.

"Giuliani, Mauro," in Die Musik in Geschichte und Gegenwart. Personenteil: allgemeine enzyklopädie der Musik / begründet von Friedrich Blume. Kassel & New York: Bärenreiter; Stuttgart: Metzler, 1999- . My entry was completed and accepted in 2002.

"The Insane Asylum: A Commedia dell'Arte Scenario," translated by Francesco Cotticelli, Anne Goodrich Heck, and Thomas F. Heck, in Types of Drama: Plays and Contexts, 8th edition, edited by Sylvan Barnet, Wm. Burto, Lesley Ferris, and Gerald Rabkin (New York: Longman, 2001), pp. 459-466.

"Guitar-Related Research in the Age of the Internet: Current Options, Current Trends," Soundboard, 25/1 (1998): 61-68.

"The Illustration of Music Periodicals, c.1880-1914: A Question of Halftones and 'Whole'-tones." Fontes artis musicae, 44/4 (Dec. 1997): 307-330.

Eleven new entries for the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians II, submitted in 1997-99, published in 2000:

Barrueco, Manuel Fisk, Eliot
Morel, Jorge Parkening, Christopher
Pujol Villarubi, Emilio Ragossnig, Konrad
Santos, Turibio Tanenbaum, David
Torres, Antonio Verdery, Benjamin
Yamashita, Kazuhito  

"The Uses of Music in Commedia performance," Theatre Symposium: A Journal of the Southeastern Theatre Conference, 1 (1993):7-12.

Contributions to The 'Music Information Explosion' and its Implications for College Teachers and Students, cited in section a. above.

"The Operatic Christopher Columbus: Three Hundred Years of Musical Mythology," Annali d'italianistica, 10 (1992): 236-278.

"Toward a Bibliography of Operas on Columbus: A Quincentennial Checklist," Notes, 49/2 (Dec. 1992): 474-497.

"The Musical Iconography of the Commedia dell'arte: An Overview." In The Commedia dell'arte from the Renaissance to Dario Fo.  Edited by Christopher Cairns.  Lewiston: The Edwin Mellen Press,  1989.  Pp. 227-243 + illustrations.  (The Italian Origins of European Theatre, 6)

"Japanese Musical Term Retrieval in RILM On-line: A Status Report and Comparison to The Music Index and Zeitschriftendienst Musik." Fontes Artis Musicae, 36/1 (1989): 31-37.  Co-authored with Reiko Yoshimura, Japanese cataloger at OSU Libraries at the time.

"Music on Demand: Facsimile Technology at the Service of Interlibrary Loan and Beyond."  Fontes Artis Musicae, 33/1 (1986): 77-79.

Ten entries in The New Grove Dictionary of American Music.  New York: Macmillan, 1986. (Those entries marked * have been updated for the New Grove II, 2000.)

Artzt, Alice Bickford, Vahdah Olcott
Bobri, Vladimir Isbin, Sharon *
Krick, George C. Leisner, David *
Papas, Sophocles Romeros family *
Starobin, David * Van, Jeffery *

"Flowcharts as a Tool in Bibliographic Instruction." CLUE: Comments on Library User Education, no. 11 (Sep. 1984): 1-4. [A publication of the OSU Libraries.]

"Images of Guitars and Guitarists," an Iconographic History of the Guitar.  Gendai Guitar, nos. 215-16-17 (Tokyo, Feb-Apr 1984).  Three-part article in Japanese.

"Computerized Bibliographic Retrieval in Music: A State-of-the-Art Critique."  Proceedings of the International Conference on Computers and the Humanities.  North Carolina State University, June 6-8,1983.  Rockville, MD:  Computer Science Press, 1983.

Twelve entries in The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.  New York: Macmillan, 1980. (All entries marked * have been updated by me for the New Grove II. I have recommended those marked + to younger scholars in the field.)

Aguado, Dionysio * Carulli, Ferdinando +
Giuliani, Mauro * Legnani, Luigi +
Matiegka, Wenzel + Porro, Pierre Jean *
Regondi, Giulio * Sikhra, Andrei +
Tarrega, Francisco * Wolf, Alois
Zani de Ferranti, Marco Aurelio "Guitar" bibliography *

"Schubert Lieder  with Guitar -- Permissible?" Soundboard, the Quarterly of the Guitar Foundation of America, III/4(Nov 1976) through IV/2 (May 1977).

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"Stalking the Oldest Six-String Guitar," Gendai Guitar, 9/3 (1975): 64-71, in Japanese.
 Click here to see the English version.

"Horetzky e il Giulianiad." il 'Fronimo', no. 12 (1975):  23-26.

"Giuliani in Italia," a three-part study of the composer's activity in his homeland before and after his thirteen-year residency in Vienna. Published in Italian in il 'Fronimo', nos. 9-10-11 (1974-75): 16-22, 19-28, and 13-19 respectively.

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"Ricordi Plate Numbers in the Earlier 19th Century: A Chronological Survey." Current Musicology, X (1970): 117-124.

d. reviews

BOOKS: Una Roman D'Elia. The Poetics of Titian’s Religious Paintings. Cambridge, U.K.; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2005; and Jonathan Unglaub. Poussin and the Poetics of Painting: Pictorial Narrative and the Legacy of Tasso. Cambridge, U.K.; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2006. In Annali d'Italianistica 25 (2007).

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MUSIC EDITIONS:  Collective review of recent editions and transcriptions for classic guitar, in Notes, 30 (June 1974): 874-76.  Under consideration: the Schininà editions of J.S. Bach's Partita II (BWV 1004) and Sonata III (BWV 1005), and the Duarte/Poulton transcription of Dowland's Varietie of Lute Lessons (1610).

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e. other creative or scholarly work

MEDIA PRODUCTION: The Spirituality of Icons. Originally a 30-minute synchronized 2-slide/tape presentation with multiple sound tracks; subsequently mastered and edited on videotape.  An illustrated discussion of the theology, history, and significance of icons in Eastern Christianity.   Seeks to explain the importance of the visual element in prayer and to build a bridge of understanding between Western Christians and the adherents of Eastern Orthodox traditions.  (Written and narrated by Anne Goodrich Heck, photographed and produced by Thomas F. Heck.) (c)1989.  Published by Credence Cassettes,  Fall 1990.

BIBLIOGRAPHY:  "Guitar" bibliography, in The New Grove Dictionary of Musical Instruments.  New York:  Macmillan,1986. (An updated version has been published in the New Grove Dictionary of Music II ( 2001).

MUSIC FACSIMILES: Giuliani, Mauro. Le Rossiniane, Op. 119, 120, 121, 122, 123, & 124.  Melville, NY:  Published for the Guitar Foundation of America by Belwin-Mills, 1976-78.  (Classic music for classic guitar).  Facsimile editions, with errata and introductions by T. F. Heck.

BIBLIOGRAPHY & PREFACE to Mauro Giuliani: Selected Works for the Guitar.  Edited by Frederick Noad.  New York: Golden Music Press, 1976.  ('Masters of the Guitar' series).

MUSIC FACSIMILE:  Giuliani, Mauro.  Sechs Lieder, Op. 89.  London:  Tecla Editions, 1976.  Facsimile edition of songs with guitar or piano accompaniment.  Includes errata, translations by Anne Goodrich Heck, and preface by Thomas F. Heck.

MUSIC FACSIMILE:  Giuliani, Mauro.  Sei grandi variazioni,  Op. 112.  Melville, NY:  Published for the Guitar Foundation of America by Belwin-Mills, 1976.  (Classic music for classic guitar).  Facsimile ed., with errata and introduction by T. F. Heck.

COLUMN:  "Works in Progress/Completed." Soundboard, I-  (1974-  ).  Ongoing current-awareness column for those engaged in guitar-related research.

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