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Creating, Managing, and
Preserving Digital Assets

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What is the School for Scanning? This conference provides current, essential information for managers of paper-based collections (including photographs) who are seeking to create, manage, and preserve digital assets. Participants will leave the conference better equipped to make informed choices regarding management of their digital projects. Although significant technical content will be presented, this is not a technician-training program. Conference content will include:

Project Management Collaborative Project Models
Copyright and Other Legal Issues Text and Image Digitization
Content Selection for Digitization Descriptive, Structural, and
Standards     Administrative Metadata
Quality Control and Costs Digital Longevity and Preservation

Who Should Attend? Administrators within cultural institutions, as well as librarians, archivists, curators, and other cultural or natural resource managers dealing with paper-based collections, including photographs, will find the School for Scanning conference highly relevant and worthwhile. Since the complexion of this conference evolves with the technology, it would be beneficial to attend even if you have participated in a previous School for Scanning. An audience of 200 or more attendees is expected.

Who Are the Faculty? Martha Anderson, Library of Congress; Murtha Baca, The Getty Research Institute; Howard Besser, UCLA; Liz Bishoff, The Colorado Digitization Project; Steve Chapman, Harvard University; Gail Clement, US Geological Survey; Paul Conway, Yale University Library; Steve Dalton, NEDCC; Maggie Doherty, University of South Florida; Franziska Frey, Image Permanence Institute; Janet Gertz, Columbia University; Daniel Greenstein, Digital Library Federation; Peter Hirtle, Cornell University; Erich Kesse, University of Florida; Melissa Smith Levine, Library of Congress; Steve Puglia, National Archives and Records Administration; Roy Tennant, California Digital Library; Diane Vogt-O'Connor, National Archives and Records Administration.

What does the Conference Cost? The cost of the conference is $325 for early bird registration, and $400 for late registration. Participants will be responsible for their travel, meals, and lodging costs. A complimentary continental breakfast will be provided each morning at the conference site. Registration applications will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis, as seating is limited.

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