Northeast Document
Conservation Center

Creating, Managing, and
Preserving Digital Assets

Delray Beach, Florida
December 3-5, 2001

Conference Information


Day One: (Monday, December 3, 2001)
8:30- 8:45Program Overview & Conference Logistics
Steve Dalton, Northeast Document Conservation Center
8:45- 9:30Common Issues, Common Challenges
Daniel Greenstein, Digital Library Federation
9:30- 10:15Conceptualizing for Success
Liz Bishoff, The Colorado Digitization Project
10:15- 10:30Questions from the Floor
(Greenstein and Bishoff)
10:30- 11:00Break
11:00- 12:00Digital Technology: Legal Issues
Melissa Smith Levine, Library of Congress
12:00- 1:30Lunch
1:30- 2:15Applying Copyright Law: An Archivist's Perspective
Peter Hirtle, Cornell University
2:15- 3:00Questions from the Floor
(Smith Levine and Hirtle)
3:00- 3:30Break
3:30- 4:15Selection in the Digital Age
Janet Gertz, Columbia University
4:15- 5:00Case Study: A Selection Model
Diane Vogt-O'Connor, National Archives and Records Administration
5:00- 5:15Questions from the Floor
(Gertz and Vogt-O'Connor)

Day Two: (Tuesday, December 4, 2001)
8:30- 9:40Test-driving the Technology
Steve Puglia, National Archives and Records Administration
9:40- 10:00Questions from the Floor
10:00- 10:20Break
10:20- 11:10What Is Descriptive Metadata? And, Why Is It Important?
Murtha Baca, The Getty Research Institute
11:10- 11:25Short Break
11:25- 12:30Text Digitization: Project Management, Quality, and Costs
Steve Chapman, Harvard University
12:30- 2:00Lunch
2:00- 3:05Image Digitization: Project Management, Quality, and Costs
Franziska Frey, Image Permanence Institute
3:05- 3:20Break
3:20- 4:20Hey, What About Access?: A Practical Guide to Decision-Making
Roy Tennant, California Digital Library
4:20- 4:35Questions from the Floor
4:35- 5:15Directed Technical Panel Discussion
(Puglia, Baca, Chapman, Frey, and Tennant)
5:15- 7:00Reception

Day Three: (Wednesday, December 5, 2001)
8:30- 9:30Digital Florida: A Panel of Projects
Gail Clement, US Geological Survey; Erich Kesse, University of Florida; and Maggie Doherty, University of South Florida
9:30- 9:45Questions from the Floor
(Clement, Kesse, and Doherty)
9:45- 10:15Break
10:15- 11:15Managing Digital Assets
Martha Anderson, Library of Congress
11:15- 12:00Structural Metadata for Digital Asset Management
Peter Hirtle, Cornell University
12:00- 1:15Lunch
1:15- 2:15Digital Preservation: Theory and Reality
Paul Conway, Duke University
2:15- 2:30Short Break
2:30- 3:30Administrative Metadata and Digital Longevity
Howard Besser, UCLA
3:30- 3:45Questions from the Floor
3:45- 4:15Directed Panel Discussion: Digital Preservation
(Anderson, Hirtle, Conway, and Besser)
4:15- 4:30Concluding Remarks and Evaluations
Steve Dalton, Northeast Document Conservation Center

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