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Conceptualizing for Success

Underlying a successful digitization projects is a well thought out plan. This plan needs to address a full range of issues related to digitization, everything from defining the target audience to long term sustainability of the digital images. Inorder to fully address the myriad of issues, libraries and museums undertaking digitization initiatives find that they need to work with others in their organizations or partner with other cultural heritage institutions. The Institute of Museum and Library Services National Leadership Grants for museum/library collaboration provides an incentive for cultural heritage collaboration. These new partnerships bring a new dimension to digitization and a new level of complexity. The project partners will need to determine who's responsible for what aspect of the project, who will pay for what, what standards will be followed, what the website will look like, who's the project audience, as well as logistical problems relating the a scanning project. Lack of common vocabulary, common standards and a common audience definition are all barriers that need to be addressed early on.

This presentation will focus on collaborating on digitization projects. It will bring in examples from the Colorado Digitization Project ( as well as several other statewide collaborative projects from around the country. These projects provide excellent opportunities for libraries and museums to collaborate, examples of how large institutions and small can undertake quality digitization projects.


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