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Digital Asset Management

Webster's essential definition of manage is "to handle or direct with a degree of skill." Managing digital assets is an activity of skill building. Management strategies for the digital environment are being built on established practices that are challenged and refined by rapid change. The pressures of new technologies, organizational structures, and workflow forge institutional change. Some skills required for management of digital assets are:

  • Shaping achievable goals,
  • Gathering and nurturing a dynamic workforce,
  • Establishing best practices for evolving technologies,
  • Developing an infrastructure to support rapidly changing resource needs,
  • Balancing institutional change against digital program goals, and
  • Incorporating the elements of discovery and change into strategies.
The American Memory Project of National Digital Library Program at the Library of Congress will be used as a case study to illustrate the need for these skills. Assets are more than data files and include a flexible, dynamic workforce partnered with technology and creative resource management.


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