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Peter B. Hirtle is Co-Director of the Cornell Institute for Digital Collections (CIDC). CIDC is responsible for developing digital resources, supporting their use across the Cornell campus, and conducting applied research that advances the production and utility of such resources. In addition, Hirtle has served as Associate Editor of D-Lib Magazine , a monthly magazine about innovation and research in digital libraries.

Prior to his arrival at Cornell, Hirtle worked at the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), first for the Technology Research Staff and then as coordinator of electronic public access for the agency. He has also served as curator of modern manuscripts at the National Library of Medicine. Hirtle has an MA in History and an MLS with a concentration in archival science. He is a frequent speaker at professional meetings and has taught workshops on the Internet, digital imaging, and copyright. He was recently elected Vice President/President-Elect of the Society of American Archivists, the national professional association for archivists. He was a member of the Commission on Preservation and Access/Research Library Group's Task Force on Digital Archiving, and is currently a member of the National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage's Working Group on Best Practices in Networking Cultural Heritage.


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